Romantic 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

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Second Anniversary Gift Idea

Something that I think is a really great 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea would be to take your spouse on a geo cashing treasure hunt. Forget the traditional cotton or china anniversary gifts, some people like to have more adventure or new experiences in their lives.

There is no end to the unique and different places geo cashing can take you. You can end up on the top of a mountain, in a quaint antiquing town, near a historic bridge, or in the middle of a bustling downtown. Another great thing about geo cashing is that you can look for one that is categorized as easy or difficult.

They are rated on a scale of one to five stars so if you have never found one before or are having a day where you think you would loose your head if it was not attached, you don't have to take on something difficult. Plus sometimes there are hints for how to find them. Hints like what type of container it is in or what kind of object it is next to. Depending on how much time you have, you could look for several geo cashes or just one.

Anyway, the trick is that to make this a really great 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea you have to find the geo cash before you take your spouse to find it. Then when you go you are sure to be able to locate it. Of course you will want to take your time and act like you do not have a clue where it is. You may even want to try to get your spouse to go in the right direction without giving away that you know the location.

It would not be as fun a anniversary present idea if you spend all day looking and never have success. Plus, you will need to hide something in it ahead of time especially designed for your spouse. If you are of a poetic nature, a poem penned just for him/her telling how much the past years have meant and how happy you are to be spending another wedding anniversary with them.

For someone more like me, I would take my spouse to look for it in the morning and then put in a short note that says I love you with tickets to a concert, sports event, or play for that evening. Make sure when you hide the gift that you put it in an envelope that says that only your spouse should remove it from the find.

Then you can hide it days in advance and not have to worry about someone else finding it and removing it in before you all get there. If you wanted to do several in one day, you could hide different stanzas of the poem in each one or dinner plans in one and the event tickets in another. Sure after the first find they would know you knew where the others were, but that could all be part of the fun too.

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